How to avoid these 4 communications traps

In any organization, whether it’s a for-profit business or a nonprofit that makes an impact in the world, communications plays an important role on many levels. It takes effort and hard work to ensure that your audiences receive the messages, understand them and – most important – respond the way you want. Without that effort, you run the risk of falling into these traps.Read more

Public relations 101: What is PR?

PR image

From time to time, people will ask me what public relations is. To a certain degree, it surprises me because we live in an age when information is so readily available and businesses, organizations and individuals are all concerned about their image. That said, if you’re a small business owner or leading a small nonprofit organization, you might not have a public relations professional on staff –not to mention that you have more pressing priorities than public relations.Read more

Public relations is a strategic race worth running

A few years ago, I lost a bunch of weight after working out on an ellipitical for about six months. To add some variety to my workouts, I started running again (after taking a 25-year hiatus when the the track season in my senior year of high school ended). While my ultimate goal was to remain fit and live a healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t satisfied with running a few miles a day at a moderate pace just to keep the weight off. I wanted to challenge myself, so I registered for the Hershey Half Marathon and began a training regimen that ultimately helped me beat my goal time by 5 minutes (I finished in 1:45:12).Read more

Four PR lessons I learned from my middle school cross country team

This fall, I took on a new challenge of coaching the Elizabethtown Middle School cross country team. As I’ve become an avid runner, and my family has taken to the sport, too, I wanted to instill my love of the sport in the next generation. It has been a rewarding experience on every level: My girls’ team was 17-4 for the season, and a 7th grade girl shattered an 8-year-old course record at one of the away meets. Meanwhile, my boys had a terrific winning season. Perhaps more important, one of the seventh grade girls, who had never done any running before, asked repeatedly during early practices about the more experienced kids, “How can they run so fast?” or “How can they run so far?” And now, she’s running without stopping and hitting times she never thought possible.

I’ve learned about myself as a person and an athlete being a coach of a school team. Little did I expect that it would be a great reminder about practicing basics in public relations.Read more